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Bay of Plenty | #68 on the Labour list

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I have lived in the Bay of Plenty for over twenty years and I believe this electorate deserves responsive and intelligent representation in Parliament.

The BOP is a rapidly changing and expanding area. The population is growing and there are many new economic developments. Demography suggests that Labour voters in this electorate should be better represented. I feel I can provide the impetus to achieve the political change necessary for this area, whilst supporting core social democratic values.

In my view there are three priorities that we need to work on in the Bay of Plenty:

PSA virus and bio security.

Much of the Bay of Plenty’s economy is driven by the local kiwi fruit industry. The effect of the PSA virus on the local economy is potentially devastating. Lending greater support to the local industry in over coming the PSA virus and other threats must be a major priority. Tightening bio security laws to where they at least were under the former Labour led government must also be factored in, to halt any other potential threats.

Sustainable work.

Currently, there is too much reliance on casual and part time work. We need to create long term, environmentally sustainable jobs that benefit individuals and the local economy.

Comprehensive regulation of the aged-care industry.

The Bay of Plenty has a large ageing population. A comprehensive and thorough independent monitoring system of age-care needs to be introduced, with specific emphasis on best practice and staff training.

My personal policy aims are:

* High quality literacy levels for all New Zealanders. Recognising that education is a life long activity and therefore full support given to all age groups to access education and further learning

* Affordable rental housing and financial support for first home buyers

* Sustainable energy and a clean green environment. The promotion of public transport and cycling to protect our environment and a sustainable energy policy

I work in a sector which sees how damaging current government policies are on many low income families. A combination of low wages, the rising cost of living and lack of affordable housing in the Bay Of Plenty are making the lives of many families extremely harsh and difficult.

I see the NZ Labour’s policy of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, first $5,000 income as tax-free and removing GST off fresh fruit and vegetables as an effective way of raising the living standards of low-income people in the Bay of Plenty.

For the good of the country New Zealand needs Labour in power.





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