Own Our Future | Environment Initiatives

Labour has a plan to protect New Zealand’s environment so that Kiwis can enjoy this special and unique place for generations to come.

Our natural environment is the essence of who we are.

It sets us apart from the rest of the world. It provides us with an amazing outdoors playground, it brings expat Kiwis home from overseas to raise their kids, and it is the cornerstone of our vital tourism and food export industries.

But as the recent images of oil spewing out of the Rena container ship have reminded us, we would be foolish to take our good fortune for granted.

That is why Labour has launched a comprehensive set of environmental initiatives.

This extensive list — across several portfolios, including environment, conservation, South Island’s High Country, Water and Climate Change – demonstrates Labour’s determination to protect the environment and our Kiwi way of life for future generations.

Labour’s plan includes:

  • Urgently reviewing New Zealand‟s preparedness for marine oil spills, and ensuring liability for clean-up of oil spills and financial losses lies with the polluters rather than with taxpayers;
  • Directing Solid Energy not to proceed with its lignite-to-liquid-fuels proposal until technology to capture and store carbon emissions is available;
  • Not mining on Schedule 4 land;
  • Extending the Kermadec Islands marine reserve, and moving to extend Mt Cook National Park and create a drylands conservation park in the Mackenzie basin;
  • Easing the burden on taxpayers by bringing agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme in 2013;
  • Investing all of this funding in R&D tax credits so that businesses can create new clean tech and other high tech jobs;
  • Funding half of Auckland’s City Rail Link;
  • Introducing resource rental pricing for water so that major users pay for the water they use.
  • This election is about which party could be trusted to make the right decisions now to best prepare New Zealand for the future.

    Labour will not take the easy options and attempt to bluff our way through the next few years, afraid to confront the serious challenges our country faces.

    We will protect New Zealand’s valuable community assets from falling into overseas hands, make vital changes to the economy to ensure our children are not drowning in debt, invest in our kids to give them the best possible start in life – and ensure the country they inherit from us can still stand up to its name ‘Godzone’.

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