Own Our Future | Julia Haydon-Carr

Tukituki | #59 on the Labour list

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I am 29 and one of the youngest candidates standing in the 2011 election. I am also the first woman to stand for Labour in the seat of Tukituki.

I was born and raised in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay and I’m part of the third generation of my family to live in the Bay.

I have a bachelors degree in Health Sciences and a masters in Public Health from Auckland University. I work for the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board as a health advisor.

Tukituki is a diverse place with a mix of rural communities alongside suburban and business districts. We also have a broad spectrum of socio-economic groups and this brings its own triumphs and challenges.

We have engaged and flourishing businesses, as many established as there are entrepreneurial. We have a strong knowledge community and innovation sector, but our roots are in agriculture and horticulture. That’s something we are immensely proud off, and something we need to continue to nurture and grow.

We have a diverse mix of cultures living in Tukituki and that adds a richness to the fabric of our community.

Our population in Tukituki is well represented at both ends of life with a large proportion of children and seniors.

I want to ensure the interests of everyone in our electorate are represented in Parliament.

I ‘m standing for Labour because Labour stands for people. Labour supports people when they need it most and provides them with opportunities to make a good life for themselves.

Our young people need support and opportunities, not roadblocks and funding cuts. And that support starts with Playcentre, Plunket, te kohanga reo, and access for all to quality, affordable childcare and schooling.

The cost of living is rising meaning families are feeling the squeeze more and more. Labour understands the financial pressures everyday Kiwis are suffering. Change comes from creating sustainable local jobs, and this will only come from a cross-agency approach and a long-term plan.

Owning our own future, and that means owing our assets not selling them off, is the cornerstone of protecting our future and growing opportunities for our people.

Labour will be a government that supports hardworking families to build their own futures, a government that works alongside communities, a government that knows how to listen as well as lead. I want to be part of that Labour Government and I want to represent the Hawke’s Bay I love in Parliament.





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