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Rangitata | #56 on the Labour list

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I was bought up and educated in the region and am proud be able to the candidate for the New Zealand Labour Party for Rangitata. Having run my own business for nine years until 2008 I have been working as the Manager of a local document technology supplier in Timaru.

Mid and South Canterbury has the potential to be great and with the right support from central Government, we can do much more to play to those strengths, build our economy and strengthen our community. I believe there are three priority areas we need to work on:

Aging Population

Our region has one of the highest percentages for those aged over 65. With that knowledge and experience come challenges that over recent years our elected officials have failed to understand. We undervalue those who provide home help for our seniors and do not have enough measures in place to monitor rest home care.

We are in desperate need for more respite and dementia beds which in the past tend to be funded on population rather than need.

Our region is wide and we cannot forget those elderly who live in the rural town and regions. The access to after-hours medical care in those areas is in need of new thinking. I want to be involved in that thinking and the implementation.


The importance that agriculture has on our economy can never be understated. We must though continue to innovate the industry so that high value commodities are sold internationally so that we can create jobs. To do that me must hold onto our greatest asset. The land. We must immediately stop the sale of farm land to foreign investors if they are not providing a positive impact on our economy. Our region is perfectly set up with the Timaru port to export products from a region that grows and makes high quality products. I want to see our young people to see agriculture as a career choice.

Public Transport

A lot of government policies now provide incentives for people to use public transport. These policies are well meaning and do provide sound environmental thinking but leave the regions isolated without the infrastructure to provide public transport. Ashburton has no public transport. Timaru has a handful of buses and that is it. We have a perfectly good rail line that connects our region but no passenger transport.

We pay the same taxes as those in urban cities. We pay our fair share, we want our fair share.

I want to be a strong advocate for all the people in the region and would your representative in Parliament.





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